Tell Me the Old, Old Story

Apr 18, 2020

Tell me the old, old story 

Of unseen things above,

Of Jesus and His glory, 

Of Jesus and His love.

Tell me the story simply, 

As to a little child;

For I am weak and weary, 

And helpless and defiled.




Tell me the old, old story;

Tell me the old, old story,

Tell me the old, old story

Of Jesus and His love.


Tell me the story slowly, 

That I may take it in -

That wonderful redemption,

God's remedy for sin.

Tell me the story often,

For I forget so soon;

The early dew of morning

Has passed away at noon. [Refrain]


Tell me the same old story

When you have cause to fear

That this world's empty glory 

Is costing me too dear.

Tell me the story always,

If you would really be,

In any time of trouble,

A comforter to me. [Refrain]


by Kate Hankey, 1834-1911


Hymn Background

A. (Annabelle) Catherine Hankey (b. Clapham, England, 1834; d. Westminster, London, England, 1911) was the daughter of a wealthy banker and was associated with the Clapham sect of William Wilberforce, a group of prominent evangelical Anglicans from the Clapham area. This group helped to establish the British and Foreign Bible Society, promoted the abolition of slavery, and was involved in improving the lot of England's working classes. Hankey taught Bible classes for shop girls in London, visited the sick in local hospitals, and used the proceeds of her writings to support various mission causes. (from

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