Singing Over the Dishwasher

Jul 11, 2022

Something happened this morning and I thought of you and the rest of Hymns Illustrated readers. 

I was unloading the dishwasher when I broke out into song, "Anywhere with Jesus I can safely go! Anywhere He leads me in this world below . . . ."

And the reminder of this truth made me smile and more ready to meet the day with God-given confidence.

That moment was a gift from God and just more evidence that God's plan for the spiritual growth of His people includes psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. 

At first I was surprised at how easily this hymn just flowed from my heart with no real outward kind of prompting. But then I remembered that this is our Hymn of the Month!

Of course it was ready on my lips -- it has been in my mind for sometime now. I had already studied it and created a hymn study for you!

If you haven't taken a look yet at our Hymn of the Month or could use another look, I hope you'll take just a minute or two to read through the lyrics here.

And if you're ready to help make moments like this happen even more for you, too, I heartily recommend more intentional efforts to study hymns for yourself. 

Since I've started regular hymn study (to supplement Bible study), I've noticed a difference. My heart is more peaceful as God's truth has cemented itself just a bit more in my ongoing thought life. 

Until next time, keep your hymnal open!

—Kristen, Editor

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