Hymn Story: Ring the Bells of Heaven

Jul 18, 2023

When hymn writer William Cushing was just a teenager, he decided to read the Bible for himself and became a follower of Christ.

He soon entered the ministry and preached for 27 years until he lost his voice due to paralysis of his vocal chords.

William earnestly prayed for something else to do for the Lord and soon discovered he had a gift for writing hymns.

He wrote over 300 hymns including “Under His Wings" and "Ring the Bells of Heaven."

Ring the Bells of Heaven

by William Cushing

Ring the bells of heaven! There is joy today,
For a soul, returning from the wild!
See, the Father meets him out upon the way,
Welcoming His weary, wand'ring child.


Glory! Glory! How the angels sing;
Glory! Glory! How the loud harps ring!
'Tis the ransomed army, like a mighty sea,
Pealing forth the anthem of the free.

Ring the bells of heaven! There is joy today!
For the wand'rer now is reconciled;
Yes, a soul is rescued from his sinful way,
And is born anew a ransomed child.

Ring the bells of heaven! Spread the feast today!
Angels, swell the glad triumphant strain!
Tell the joyful tidings, bear it far away!
For a precious soul is born again.

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