A Hymn for Air Travel

Jan 23, 2023

My husband and I are gearing up for an anniversary trip to celebrate 10 years (last July) and of course that's got me thinking, "Is there a hymn for air travel?"

You guessed it. Absolutely, there is.

Inspired by William Whiting's "Eternal Father Strong to Save," the official hymn of The Royal Navy and The United States Navy, Mary Hamilton wrote the lyrics to "Lord, Guide and Guard the Men Who Fly."

Her version became the official hymn of The United States Air Force.

Going on a trip soon? Make sure you pray through this hymn before you go!

Fun Fact: "Eternal Father, Strong to Save" as inspired several adaptations leaving no kind of travel left out! One version even allows for traveling in outer space.


Lord, Guide and Guard the Men Who Fly

Mary Hamilton (inspired by "Eternal Father Strong to Save")

Lord, guard and guide the men who fly
Through the great spaces of the sky;
Be with them traversing the air
In dark'ning storms or sunshine fair.

Thou who dost keep with tender might
The balanced birds in all their flight,
Thou of the tempered winds, be near,
That, having thee, they know no fear.

Control their minds with instinct fit
What time, adventuring, they quit
The firm security of land;
Grant steadfast eye and skilful hand.

Aloft in solitudes of space,
Uphold them with Thy saving grace.
O God, protect the men who fly
Through lonely ways beneath the sky.



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