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When you use this devotional guide as a supplement to your daily Bible reading, you'll likely find your love for the Lord growing deeper and deeper. 

This is no accident. This is part of God's purpose for our hymns. They express God's truth beautifully, personally and in a particularly memorable way. 

Although hymns don't carry the same authority and accuracy as divinely inspired Scripture, when used to remember Scripture, they prove to be invaluable tool in mind and heart renewal.

This Hymn Study Guide will help you use what I like to call (Hymn)eneutics* to pattern your hymn study after 5 R's: READ, RELATE, REFLECT, RESPOND and REMEMBER. It's my prayer that you will enjoy this guided study and be blessed along the way.

In Christ,

Kristen, Editor & Host |

*The term (Hymn)eneutics (TM) is my way of giving a nod to the term hermeneutics—a technical term for the methodical interpretation of Scripture.

When we study hymns, it helps us to have a method, too.

A Peek Inside:

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